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Zen Human Behavior Laboratory

The development of psychological research is important for the scientific advancement of human behavior and the different disciplines of psychology. At Zen Statistics LLC we are proud to open the Zen Human Behavior Laboratory (Zen Lab) to develop high-quality, innovative psychological research.


To be the leading Laboratory in psychological research in Puerto Rico. Contribute significantly to the development of psychology researchers. Promote a psychologically healthy society in all its social systems.


Develop high-quality psychological research to publish in scientific journals. Promote the development of psychological research in university students. Create psychological and social service programs based on scientific evidence. Disseminate the information obtained in the investigations to the media in a simple way that is useful to promote a psychologically healthy society in Puerto Rico.

Research Projects

VR Headset


The main objective of this project is to study the phenomena that comprise cyberpsychology in all its aspects to better understand them and be able to develop the necessary mechanisms for organizational and social use.

Digital Economic Behavior

This project seeks to understand the practices of economic behavior and digital consumption across different social strata and age groups in Puerto Rico.

Coin making
Team sketch

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is gaining importance worldwide, which is why it is important to study its implementation and the way it interacts with human beings.

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